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Board Members


2021-2022 Board of Education 

The Board of Education is comprised of seven public-spirited citizens who maintain residences within the District and who serve without any financial compensation in the best interests of their community.  Board members are elected to office for terms of three years and once a year the members of the Board elect a President and Vice President to preside over their meetings.  
Their primary responsibility is to provide for a school system that established general policies consistent with the laws of New York State and the rules and regulations of the State Department of Education.

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Mrs. Karen Brohm, President 1
Mrs. Andrea Shinsato, Vice President
Mrs. Patricia Greaves, Trustee
Mr. Gavi Hoffman, Trustee 
Mr. Joseph Magaraci, Trustee
Mr. Kurt Rockensies, Trustee 5
Mr. Vincent Trocchia, Trustee 7