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Pupil Personnel Services


Bridget Karis
Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Phone: (516) 390-3242

Susan Burnett
Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Phone: (516) 390-3291


Pupil Personnel Services are offered to the students and parents of West Hempstead. These services are offered for students in grades Pre-K to 12, ages 3 to 21, including the two parochial schools; St. Thomas the Apostle and the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County (HANC).

Special Education services are provided for eligible students who are West Hempstead residents and/or for those enrolled in schools located within the West Hempstead UFSD.  If parents/guardians suspect that their child may be in need of Pupil Personnel Services (Special Education/Section 504 Plan of Accommodations, etc.), please discuss with your child's teacher, appropriate building staff and/or the building principal who will refer your child to the professionals and teams in the building for support.  If you suspect your child has a disability and are requesting an evaluation please note that all parental requests for evaluations must be in writing and sent to the building principal of the school your child attends and/or the Director of Pupil Personnel Services.

Please contact the Office of Pupil Personnel Services at (516) 390-3242 if you have any questions regarding these services.